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Is Male UltraCore A Scam?

Written By: Travis B.

By now, you probably have heard about Male UltraCore, the world’s top male enhancement supplement. Male UltraCore’s rise to the top wasn’t expected by anyone. While every other company was busy making ads and getting expensive endorsements, the Male UltraCore was in the lab, developing what is now the world’s only REAL male enhancement supplement.

Let’s state the obvious – nobody really trusts male enhancement supplements. Have you ever come across a friend or a relative who is so satisfied with a supplement that they readily recommended it to you? Probably not. If there was, it would be all over the internet by now. Fortunately for us who are deeply embedded in the supplement industry, we are the first to know about upcoming products. Even at this early stage, we are already convinced that Male UltraCore will be even bigger, once it reaches more people.

Male UltraCore was just released a few months ago, and within weeks, we’ve already read plenty of positive reviews about the product – not by critics like us, but by those who actually bought the product and used it. Of course, plenty of our colleagues have written their take on Male UltraCore, and from what I've read from them, Male UltraCore is definitely something to watch out for.

2019 would be a year of many firsts for male enhancement. This year, we’d see for the first time – customers that are absolutely satisfied with a product; satisfied to a point that they would be willing to share their experience with their friends. Male UltraCore isn’t just a sexual enhancement pill; it’s a complete male enhancement solution that could potentially change lives.



Do you remember buying your first male enhancement pill?

Do you remember what made you buy their product?

Many male enhancement companies try to sell the dream and the allure of being able to make your sexual fantasies a reality.

Do you want a big penis?

Do you want to be a beast in the bedroom?

Do you want to have sex for hours?

No matter the formula or the ingredients, male enhancement products would try and make you believe that their pill is capable of giving you all your deepest sexual desires – and it works. Unfortunately for those who were sucked into the idea, they spent their hard-earned money for nothing. Most of these products only focus on misleading advertising and clever marketing gimmicks to get people to buy their products – and nothing else.

Male UltraCore is a breath of fresh air for men who need real male enhancement results. Each of its ingredients is properly studied for their sexual health benefits. You can compare any product on the market head-to-head with Male UltraCore, and I can guarantee that Male UltraCore will emerge as the more potent, more effective, and more efficient male enhancement supplement.

Before Male UltraCore, it was the most challenging part of the job to read customer reviews. You can’t help but feel sorry for men who were duped out of their hard-earned money, in their pursuit of gaining something all of us men want. But now, reading Male UltraCore customer reviews make me hopeful and impressed at the same time. I’ve never seen such happy and satisfied customer reviews.

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Why Supplement Companies Hate Male UltraCore

On the flipside, Male UltraCore is bad news for the rest of the industry. How can companies compete with a supplement that has it all? Male UltraCore forces companies to rethink their strategies and focus on research and development to compete at Male UltraCore’s level. If not, it wouldn’t take long before the male enhancement market is a complete monopoly. That’s how big of a gamechanger Male UltraCore is.

Here are 5 reasons why supplement companies hate Male UltraCore:


Based on my estimates, roughly 90% of all supplements only use the lowest grade herbs to fill their supplement capsules. Powdered ingredients are the easiest to process, and the cheapest to produce. It’s also the least effective and potent of the ingredient types that supplements can have. One gram of a powdered ingredient is like eating a spoonful of herbs. You can’t really expect to get results from that, don’t you? Supplement companies have earned millions by using cheap ingredients to sell to their customers, and instead of investing in high-quality ingredients, most invest in expensive endorsements and advertisement.

Male UltraCore, on the other hand, is equipped with standardized ingredients – the purest form of ingredients ever used in supplements. Standardized ingredients are in fact the most expensive ingredients to produce, and the most potent – and it’s not just for show. Each ingredient was carefully chosen by experts to produce the desired benefits of Male UltraCore. Standardized is made by processing the extracts of herb to separate the active compounds that are responsible for the herb’s sexual enhancement benefits. Standardized extracts are roughly 400 times more potent than powdered herbs.

Using standardized extracts would definitely bump the price up for supplements, but not Male UltraCore. Instead of spending heavily on advertisements and endorsements, Male UltraCore relies on the ever-reliable word-of-mouth advertising. The reviews of satisfied users and critics like us are more than enough to let more men know about how effective Male UltraCore really is, and that’s all it takes for a good product to rise to the top of sales charts.


These days, supplement companies do not invest in research and development anymore. That’s why most supplements end up with the same ingredients, rebranded, to be sold as a brand-new product with a new face. Recycling old ingredients only stall the progress of male enhancement pills.

Male UltraCore VI-Pex and STEM Technology

Male UltraCore developed not one, but two cutting-edge supplement technologies to make use of their high-quality ingredients. These two supplement technologies, STEM and VI-PEX, are the best testosterone-boosting and vasodilation technologies that exist in male enhancement. These technologies are used exclusively by Male UltraCore. I’ve heard from my friends in the business that other companies have tried to buy or license VI-PEX and STEM, but Male UltraCore’s technologies are for use by Male UltraCore only. This forces brands to create their own technologies to compete head-to-head with Male UltraCore, and with Male UltraCore having such a huge head start, it may be a while before other brands can catch up to Male UltraCore - if they can.


If you haven’t noticed, in the last three months, supplement companies have intensified their advertising campaigns to try and retain their customers. Male enhancement customers are now moving over to Male UltraCore because of the good things they have heard about the product. Critics like us who seldom test out supplements have tried Male UltraCore and became actual customers of the products. It’s no secret that the sales of other brands are taking a huge hit because more and more of their customers are being aware of Male UltraCore.


Can you think of a male enhancement product that doesn’t claim to increase penis size? Roughly 80% of all male enhancement products claim to increase penis size – and that’s what has kept the industry afloat for the last 15 years. Unfortunately, penis enlargement is a huge lie – and Male UltraCore is the first male enhancement product to expose it.

Male UltraCore openly disclosed that there is no scientific evidence that supports penis enlargement. In fact, there are dozens of studies that conclude that penis growth stops after puberty and that it’s virtually impossible to increase the mass of the penis after it has stopped growing. This expose made by Male UltraCore deeply hurt many other supplement brands since it’s the main selling point of male enhancement pills.

Instead of claiming to increase penis size, Male UltraCore has molded its formula to produce a real increase in erection size. As the size of the penis cannot be physically altered

Male UltraCore also exposed that instant results are not possible with male enhancement pills. Every study conducted on ingredients took roughly 8-12 weeks, which is why determining instantaneous results is virtually impossible. To stay true to its claims, Male UltraCore openly discloses that its results take between 8-12 weeks.

Exposing the fraudulent claims of the majority of the brands in the industry and disclosing what real science offers is why many supplement companies dislike Male UltraCore.


One of the main factors that make Male UltraCore irresistible to male enhancement customers is its incredibly affordable offering. Male UltraCore offers free membership to customers that will grant them a huge 50% discount on every Male UltraCore purchase for life. This makes Male UltraCore incredibly affordable and competitively-priced against much weaker supplements. The best part of this deal is that Male UltraCore does not hold their customers tied-in to their membership. Male UltraCore members can cancel at any time without any penalty. Given the huge discount offered by Male UltraCore, supplement companies find it difficult to compete in the same price range, and at the same time, it forces companies to upgrade their formulas and ingredients while reducing their profit margin.

SHOULD YOU BUY Male UltraCore?

You may have reached this page by searching about Male UltraCore, and by now you may have already learned everything you need to know about Male UltraCore. The only question you should be asking is – IS MALE ULTRACORE FOR YOU?

My honest take on this is very simple. Male UltraCore isn’t for everyone. The cold, hard facts that science offers isn’t an easy pill to swallow for some. It’s natural for men to still want to believe in instant results and penis enlargement since it’s the fantasy that they want to have. Although it would benefit Male UltraCore to make the same claims, I believe that Male UltraCore wants to establish itself as the first legitimate male enhancement solution, and break free from the negative stereotype that male enhancement supplements have.

Male UltraCore is for you if RESULTS matter to you the most. Yes, it takes time for Male UltraCore to bring out its best results, but the results are 100% guaranteed. Would you rather gamble with a supplement that claims to give instant results?


For how long can I get Male UltraCore’s 50% discount offer?

Male UltraCore’s 50% discount offer is exclusive to Male UltraCore members. The membership is 100% FREE, and you won’t have to worry about changing your mind at any time. Members can cancel at any time without any penalty. As long as you are a Male UltraCore member, you can get a 50% discount on every purchase of Male UltraCore.

Is Male UltraCore effective?

Based on the science, ingredients, reviews, and my personal experience with Male UltraCore, I can definitely declare that Male UltraCore is 100% effective.

Are there any side effects?

It would be a mistake to assume that male enhancement products would not have side effects. Fortunately, as of writing, we have yet to read a review about Male UltraCore detailing the side effects of the product. I personally did not experience any side effect when using Male UltraCore.

How can I order Male UltraCore?

To order Male UltraCore, simply visit the website, click on the ORDER link, and follow the checkout process. I highly suggest that you check out the free membership offering of Male UltraCore. Members get an exclusive 50% discount on all Male UltraCore purchases.

How does Male UltraCore’s free membership offer work?

If you are planning to purchase Male UltraCore, you will have an option to be a Male UltraCore member for free. The link to your membership offer will be provided during the checkout process. You can get a 50% discount on your first purchase if you choose to be a member. Members also get their Male UltraCore bottle delivered monthly to ensure that you have enough Male UltraCore supplies. The membership is 100% free, and you can cancel your membership at any time without incurring any penalties.

Can I ship my order overseas?

Yes. You can contact Male UltraCore’s customer service hotline to know more about the additional shipping costs and shipping timeframe.

Are there fake Male UltraCore pills?

As of writing, we have yet to find a counterfeit version of Male UltraCore. However, I would expect counterfeiters to make a fake copy of Male UltraCore pills soon, given its popularity. To make sure that you only get 100% genuine pills, order only from maleultracore.com, the official website of Male UltraCore.

How often will I get my Male UltraCore bottle?

You would automatically get a fresh bottle of Male UltraCore every month if you are a Male UltraCore member. You can expect your bottle to arrive a few days before you finish your current bottle.

What’s the best way to take Male UltraCore?

The recommended intake of Male UltraCore is 4 pills a day (1 serving) taken all at once, every morning, before breakfast. I highly recommend that you maintain a strict schedule since the best results of Male UltraCore are experienced by those who take Male UltraCore consistently without missing doses.

Does Male UltraCore offer guarantees?

Yes. You have up to 90 days to test out your order of Male UltraCore. If you are not happy with the product, all you have to do is call up their customer service hotline and request for a refund. It’s that simple. Also, requesting for a refund will automatically cancel your Male UltraCore membership.


Male UltraCore is the biggest threat to other male enhancement pills. They can either step up their game and develop a product worthy of competing against Male UltraCore or suffer huge losses in their sales. Male UltraCore was developed over a period of several years, and I wouldn’t expect any other brand to come up with something that would match or exceed Male UltraCore at the moment. For now, Male UltraCore is the best male enhancement pill that you can get your hands on, and it seems that it will remain that way for at least several years.

Male UltraCore 2019 Award For Excellence - Money Back Guaranteed


Travis B.

Travis is a supplement market analyst who writes supplement reviews for some of the top supplement review sites online. He also works as a marketing consultant for a major US supplement company. Travis has analyzed more than 50 different male enhancement pills and more than a hundred health supplements.

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